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Quibus Paws (Dante) at Silver spoon Hollywood

Every Spring in Hollywood there is one event that gets celebrity moms (of both human and furbabies) out and about to learn about the latest luxury goods and services for their babies. The Silver Spoon Hollywood Dog and Baby Buffet is something that these elite moms look forward to. The two day long event not only gifts celebrities, but also gives back. This year's event is benefiting Best Friends Animal Society. We are thrilled to be a part of this great event and stay tuned for all the buzz and fuzz!

IS PET manufactures for your adorable pet dog, a wide range of apparels. The apparels, produced by us, are of the highest quality. They are manufactured out of superior quality raw materials, which are carefully chosen by our experts. The raw materials of the apparels include cotton, synthetic materials and many others. The apparels are produced, keeping the standards of attires for human beings in mind. The different types of attires, provided by us, include dog dresses, dog t-shirts, bathrobes and pajamas for your adorable dog, dog pants, socks for dogs, raincoats, hoodies, jackets, coats and many other fabulous Pet clothes for your loving pet.

Some of the pet apparels, manufactured by us, are very light in weight, while some are slightly thick in nature. The different types of apparels are meant to be worn for different seasons, including summer, monsoon and winter seasons. You can gift your adorable pet dog, light cotton clothes for the summer season, different types of dog jackets in the winter and the raincoats in the monsoon. Your lovable pet canine looks up to you for your love and care and so it is your duty to provide it with proper Pet clothes to wear.

The Pets clothes, provided by us, are very well designed. Our designers toil very hard in order to design the apparels in trendy manners. The attires carry different types of patterns, such as floral prints, stripes and many others. Some of the apparels carry the get-ups of different types of jersey, while few carry different logos and various other features. The other features of the apparels include belts and buckles, different types of laces and many others.

We provide separate types of apparels for male and female pet dogs. A wide array of accessories for dogs is also provided by us. The fantastic accessories for the pets include rucksacks, jewelries, neckties, harness, bowls, toys, beds, mats and many others. Some of the accessories are sure to add to the comfort of your lovable pet dog. Some of the other accessories, besides Pets clothes, facilitate your pet with a lot of delight. We also provide hairclips for female dogs. We specialize in providing different types of grooming supplies for your pet.

The Designer dog clothes will not only provide comfort to your dogs, but also make them look smart and presentable. You can make them wear our apparels and take them to dog shows. Your adorable pets will certainly have an edge over the other pets, if you make them wear our apparels. Your dog will score over the other pet canines, in the presentation category of the dog show competition.

The fashionable Designer dog clothes, offered by us, protects your pets from dusts, dirt, water, germs and all those things, which can cause disease to your lovable pets. If water is allowed to stand on the fur of your pet dog, then this can spoil the pelt of your pet. The efficient raincoats for dogs, provided by us, protect your pet from water.

We provide our products at cost effective prices and acquiring the apparels will not burn a hole in your pocket. Watching your dogs being delighted wearing our apparels and accessories will provide you with a lot of joy. So, welcome to our whole new world, which contains different types of amazing pet apparels and accessories for your lovable dog, who loves you unconditionally.

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