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Your Pet’s Comfort is Our Top Priority.

At Quibus Paws we treat your pet like a member of our family. We believe your pet deserves a grooming experience that is as relaxing as it is enjoyable!

From the moment your pet enters our grooming spa, our focus is on building a bond with them. We want them to be comfortable with us and enjoy coming back time and time again. 

We offer high quality, full-service professional grooming.

Your pet will look fabulous and feel fabulous too!


Continuing education is our top priority. We want to offer the very best experience possible. This means, we need to know how to tailor our services to your pet’s exact needs.

  • Certified /educated staff

  • High-end professional equipment

  • Strategic sequence of care

All grooming done by appointment only to ensure that your beloved pooch is the center of our attention during the entire spa session!

You can rest assured your pet is in good hands with us at Quibus Paws.

By appointments only call us or text us 
 Store Phone : (908) 351- 4622
Pricing varies depending on your pet's size, breed and coat condition.

           Pet Grooming Salon

Spa la Carte Services  
Full Groom Service​​​​
Incorporates the full body hair cut Service and adds extra scissoring, brushing and light dematting or clipper work also includes nails trim, ears, sanitary areas, paws, bath, Cologne and a bandana or bow. Ideal for pets with coats requiring extra time and care.
The Touch-Up
(Only for 2 or 3 weeks Frecuently client)
Keep your pet looking and feeling great with 15 minutes of brushing and light trimming (only face and paws area), ear cleaner and nails trim, bath, Cologne and a bandana or bow .
Bath, Brush & More
Includes a basic shampoo, blow dry, 15-minute brush, Cologne and a bandana or bow .
Trim Groom Service
A Bath, Brush & More with minimal scissoring or clipper work is perfect for pets with coats that are regularly groomed. Includes hair trim , nails trim, ears cleaner, sanitary areas, paws, bath, Cologne and a bandana or bow .
The Shave Down
Removed all the coat by clipper and scissoring (for really bad shape coats) Includes nails trim, ears, sanitary areas, paws, bath, Cologne and a bandana or bow.
SHED-LESS Treatment​
A premium service that includes a up to 30 minutes of desheding brush with the FURminator tools. An amazing process that dramatically reduces shedding and leave a shine and healthy coat.



​Spa Add-On packages
Flea & Tick*
Rid your dog of pesky fleas and ticks with instant-relief bath with medicated flea treatment shampoo. 20 min treatment.
Itchy Skin Shampoo
Oatmeal Shampoo, enriched with honey, aloe vera and avocado oils, soothes dry, itchy skin. 20 min treatment.
Brightening Shampoo
A mixture of jojoba oil, chamomile and aloe vera whitens light coats and brightens dark ones. 20 min treatment.
Coloring Coats
The hottest new trent in pet grooming! 5 bright fun colored gels to choose from. Completely non-toxic. Semi permanent (last 4 to 6 washes) Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed.
Exfoliating Scrub
A healing combination of grapefruit seed extract, apricot and avocado oils and sulfur provide relief from flaking skin, excess oils and help improve tear stain. 20 min treatment.
Teeth Brushing
Cleans teeth and freshens breath for a healthy smile.
Express anal gland
Check and express the anal sac gland help to keep your dogs healthy and confortable.
Nail Trimming
Prevents painful splaying and splitting of the nails.
Ear Cleaning
Reduces build-up and helps prevent infection.
Nail Polish
An application of pet-safe nail polish that's just for fun.
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